Horse Protection Organizations

an imageOur links below provide the most respected world horse protection organization as part of horse protection societies that are ran by horse lovers for welfares, fund raisers, charity events and donations. It is hard to believe that most of the rescues and shelter services have to be provided by non-profit organizations as many governments have completely denied their assistance and support. Facts like ponies getting too big for children or horses getting too old for work are the main reasons for owners to neglect them. Horse protections organizations all around the world have been working together to take in horses and ponies who need to be rehomed; due to the great organization, these associations have been able to designate abandoned horses again as either ridden or driven animals as well as companion animals as many of them come from troubled, abusive, cruel owners.

International horse protection organizations have been able to create shelter and refuge programs, also known as Horses Sanctuaries, as well as training procedures to help these animals in their rehabilitation and reintegration process, fighting against abusive slaughter practices all over the world, something that was reflected in the Make a Noise petition to the EU government with more than 120.000 citizens signatures to put an end to the era of cruelty and brutality against these magnificent animals. Horse lovers will easily find the necessary information on horse protection in any of the links below:


7 Star Mustang Sanctuary & Learning Center

Abaco Wild Horse Fund

Alabama Equine Rescue

Alaska Equine Rescue

Alternate Careers for Thoroughbreds

American Standardbred Adoption Program aka ASAP

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue

Angel Rescue Equine Program

Angels Among Us Equine Rescue & Sanctuary

Animals First

Another Chance for Horses

Back in the Saddle Horse Adoption

Bear Valley Rescue

Black Beauty Fund

Black Hills Wildhorse Sanctuary

Blair's Equine Rescue

Blarney Farm Horse Rescue & Retirement

Blue Springs Farm

Bran Manor Equine Rescue and Placement

Bright Futures Farm

Brighter Days Horse Refuge

British Horse Society

British International League for the Protection of Horses

Broken Pine Ranch Horse Rescue

Bureau of Land Management's Online Adoption Program

Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse and Burro Program

Burro Rescue Rehab Relocate Onus

Canadian Equine Protection Association

Canon City Horse Rescue

CANTER Illinois

CANTER Michigan

CANTER Mid-Atlantic

CANTER New England

Casey Creek Horse Rescue & Adoption

Central States Horse Rescue

CERF aka California Equine Retirement Foundation

Colorado Horse Rescue

Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses (CANTER) Ohio

Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses aka CANTER Pennsylvania

Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses aka CANTER Texas

Creekside Rescue & Rehabilitation

Crossed Sabres Second Wind Adoption

Crosswinds Equine Rescue

Chance's Mini Horse Rescue

Days End Farm Horse Rescue

Double HP Horse Help Providers

Down Patrick Farm

DreamCatcher Stables

Emerald Valley Equine Assistance

Enchanted Acres

Equine Angels

Equine Rescue League

Equine Rescue Listings

Equine Rescue Ranch

Equine Rescue Rehabilitation Incorporated

Equine Transitional Training Alliance

Equiserve Equine Rescue

Equus Santuary

ERR - Equine Rescue Resource

Exceller Fund

Eye of the Storm Equine Rescue

Fableview Equine Rescue

Fallen Horses

Flying Ah! Mustang Ranch and Sanctuary

Friends of Arabian Horse Rescue

Friends of Horses Rescue & Adoption

Frog Pond Farm Draft Horse Rescue

Front Range Equine Rescue

Georgia Equine Rescue League

Great Lakes Hooved Animal Rescue

Guelph Equine and Rescue Stable aka GEARS

H.O.R.S.E. Rescue & Santuary

H.P. Precision Rebuilding Center

Habitat For Horses

Hacienda de los Milagros

Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue

Heavenly Meadows Horse Rescue

Home of Rest for Horses

Hooved Animal Humane Society

Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County

Hooved Animal Welfare Council

Hope For Horses

Hope for Horses

Hope for Horses

Hope For Horses

Hopeful Haven

Horse Haven of Tennessee

Horse Lovers United

Horse Protection Association of Florida

Horse Protection Society of North Carolina

Horse Rescue of North Scottsdale

Horse Rescue Ontario

Horse Rescue Ontario

Horse Rescue, Relief and Retirement Fund

Horse Welfare Organizations Listings

HorseNet Horse Rescue

Horses' Haven

Horses' Honor

Humane Help Animal Rescue & Shelter

Icelandic Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation

Indiana Horse Rescue

International League for the Protection of Horses

Jack Auchterlonie Memorial Equine Sanctuary

Lasso Horse Rescue

Last Chance Corral

Last Chance Ranch Equine Rescue

Lazy Maple Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Center



Live and Let Live Farm

Lone Star Equine Rescue

Lost Acres Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation

Lost Fantasy Stables & Animal Rescue

Maricopa County Horse & Pony Rescue

Meadowbrook Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

Mesa Equine Santuary & Adoption

Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue

Midwest Horse Adoption Program

Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation

Miracle Horse Rescue

MoonWinds Rescue

Moorecroft Racing Welfare Centre

Mustang Arabian Rescue & Education

Mustang Arabian Rescue & Education

Mustang Rescue Ranch

Mustang Spirit

Mylestone Equine Rescue

New Beginning Equine Shelter

New European Distressed Donkey Initiative

New Life Equine Rescue

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program

New York Horse Rescue

NorCal Equine Rescue

Ohio Equine Rescue

Ohio Hooved Animal Humane Society

Orphan Acres

Ozland Horse Rescue

Painted Promise Ranch

Painted Spirit Ranch

Paradise Equine Adoption & Youth Ministry

Passey's Horse Rescue

People Helping Horses

Perfect Harmony Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Phoenix Equine Foundation

PMU Foal Adoption Network

PMU Foal Adoption Network

PMU Foal Quest

Poor Pony Central Oregon Horse Rescue

Racehorse Adoption Referral Program

Racehorse Outplacement Assistance Network

Recycle Racehorses

Redwings Horse Sanctuary



ReRun Arkansas

ReRun Illinois

ReRun Kentucky

ReRun Maryland

ReRun Virginia

ReRun Washington

Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue

Rocky Acres Ranch & Equine Rescue

Rocky Mountain Foal Rescue

Rollin' On Racehorse Rescue and Adoption

Royal Equine Rescue & Sanctuary

Ryerss Farm

Santa Fe River Clydesdales

Sasha's Legacy Equine Rescue

Save A Horse Foundation

Second Career Racehorses

Second Chance Horse Refuge

Second Chance Thoroughbred Adoption

Shadowrun Equine Rescue

SLAPP of New York aka Standardbred Layup and Placement Program

Sleepy Hollow Horse Rescue

South Carolina Awareness and Rescue for Equines aka SCARE

South Florida Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Southern California Rescue Guide

Spring Hill Horse Rescue

Standardbred Equestrian Program Adoption Agencies

Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization

Standardbred Retirement Foundation

Sunkissed Acres

Sunscape Equine Rescue

Sunshine State Horse Council Evacuation/Disaster Information

Tender Mercy Equine Rescue

The Donkey Santuary

The Original Funny Farm

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

TIER Rescue

Tiny Timbers Horse Rescue

Tranquility Farm

True Blue Animal Rescue

True Innocents Equine Rescue aka TIER

Tug on Your Heart PMU Foal Rescue

Turtle Rock Rescue

United Pegasus Foundation

United States Equine Rescue League

United States Equine Rescue League aka North Carolina Equine Rescue League

United States Equine Sanctuary and Rescue formerly known as HORSES in Texas

Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association

West Wind Horse Rescue

Western New York Equine Sanctuary

Whispering Acres

Whispering Winds Ranch

Wild Fire Ranch

Wild Horse Sanctuary

Wildhorse Ranch

Willows Animal Sanctuary

Wyandot County Humane Society

X-S Ranch